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Most NeIC activities are within collaborative projects with Nordic partners. NeIC also likes to build professional networks to join experts who work on similar challenges in different Nordic organizations. For example, NeIC does this by running workshops and building virtual social spaces for distributed teamwork.

Current projects

Nordic-Baltic Collaboration on e-Infrastructures for Biodiversity Informatics.
Providing researchers with infrastructure and training in the necessary tools and techniques to create sustainable, modular, reusable, and reproducible software.
Earth System Modeling
A project focusing on competence sharing and building in the field of Earth System Modelling.
EISCAT 3D Support
A project supporting the EISCAT_3D project in aspects related to e-infrastructure. EISCAT_3D will be an international research infrastructure using a radar system to study the upper atmosphere above the Arctic in order to investigate how the Earth's atmosphere is coupled to space.
Creating a Nordic federated cloud service and enabling knowledge exchange on managing cloud services.
Nordic Language Processing Laboratory
Our vision is to implement a Nordic virtual laboratory for Natural Language Processing by piloting innovative ways to share HPC and data resources across country borders, by pooling competency in expert support teams and within the user community, and by enabling internationally competitive, data-intensive research and experimentation.
Nordic Tier 1
The Nordic distributed WLCG Tier-1 facility.
Nordic project on secure services for sensitive data.