NeIC facilitates the development of advanced IT tools and services in areas of importance to Nordic researchers.

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Recent news

Tomasz Malkiewicz new member of the NeIC Executive Management team

Jan 9 2017

Tomasz will be part of the NeIC Executive Team, where he will help implement strategy, contribute to future strategy development, coordinate NeIC’s activities on resource sharing and sensitive data collaboration, and initiate new technical projects.

Tryggve takes care of sensitive data

Dec 13 2016

Researchers seeking to share biomedical data between Nordic countries face both technical and legal hurdles. The joint Nordic project Tryggve offers services that address these challenges by allowing researchers to process and share data securely across national borders.

Genetics and environment across borders

Dec 13 2016

What are the roles played by environmental and genetic factors in the development of schizophrenia? This question is being examined by an interdisciplinary team of researchers in five different countries. The Tryggve secure IT-based system has been vital in enabling researchers to share data across borders.

Joint Nordic training: Improve your e-Skills

May 25 2016

To make the most of our e-infrastructure resources in the Nordic countries, NeIC has launched a coordinated Nordic calendar indicating when and where you can find events to improve your skills. An easy and simple tool to use.

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