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Cognitus: A Science Case for HPC in the Nordic Region
This report has been prepared for the Nordic e-Infrastructure Collaboration (NeIC) Board to facilitate future decisions in the Nordic region in the area of high performance computing and related topics. An external expert, Dr. Robert Pennington, Deputy Director of the National Center for Supercomputing Applications at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign was engaged as a special advisor to NeIC for the project. He consulted with Nordic researchers, Nordic HPC systems staff, NeIC staff, as well as other researchers who have been engaged in similar activities in other countries.
Flyer - NeIC Facts 2016
Quick facts on the Tryggve Project
Collaboration on sensitive data Tryggve is a three-year project to establish a Nordic platform for collaboration on sensitive data, funded by NeIC and the ELIXIR nodes in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. wiki.neic.no/wiki/Tryggve
Quick facts on NeIC Generic Area
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NeIC article in PDC newsletter
Read 'Inaugural NeIC Conference' in PDC Center for High Performance Computing's Magazine 2013 no 2
NeIC in the NordForsk Magazine 2013
NordForsk tells about NeIC in the yearly Magazine.
The Niceties of NeIC
Michaela Barth has written the article The Niceties of NeIC in PDC Center for High Performance Computing's Magazine 2013 no 1. Read page 14.
Evaluation of the Nordic Participation in PRACE
The NeIC has commissioned an independent evaluation of the Nordic use of PRACE.
NeIC Strategy
The NeIC strategy includes vision, mission statement, tasks and strategic goals